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 Dark Elves-Race Lore

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PostSubject: Dark Elves-Race Lore   Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:17 pm

Dark Elves have a darker skin tone, tend to live on the ground rather than in trees, sometimes underground. They are seen as sneaky.
Name: Dark Elves
Average Height: Shorter then Most Elves
Weight: Lighter then Typical Elves
Hair Color: White or Black Hair
Eye Color: Green to Golden Eyes
[X] Prefer to live underground or in the Shade
[X] A Disdain of their tree-loving cousins
[X] Grudging Respect for the Crypt Lords as Moral Authorities
[X] Respect for Death
[X] An aversion to the norms of tree elf culture
[X] Hosts the place of the void, a area of religious value to both crypt lords and dark elves, where Death's power is strongest in the world.
Preferred Climates:
[X] Forest
[X] Jungle
[X] Underground
Lore: Dark Elves were a created in a combination of Death and Dark Magic, with sprinkles of Elemental darkness. Once in a time, and now on rare testament, Elves were sometimes exiled from their tree homes when they show a distaste to Elven culture that proved, inharmonious with nature. Exiled into the Dark, they were sometimes found to have created small ground level villages in the shadow of their trees, some resided to die lonely within the cave. However, this did not create the Dark Elves, this made the name, to mean those that dwell in shadows. What changed these elves was a council meeting. The Dark elves had began to form their own city-state underground, far from the prying eyes of the "True Elves" of the forest. There they struck a deal with a infamous Crypt Lord of the regions underground. He made them powerful, and in an exchange, the Dark Elves would then on serve as secondary agents of Death.
Summary Note: Dark Elves are the opposites of their surface cousins, they have a deep respect for death and the dark, worshiping Death as a deity and therefore empowering it. They resent their surface cousins for exiling them into the dark, the reason never fully explained, despite them actually becoming infused with the dark it self. Their hosting of the Place of the Void, was part of their deal with the crypt lords, they guard it from dangers from the surface.
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PostSubject: MORE IN DEPTH LORE   Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:34 pm

The Dark Elves serve as both agents and children of the powerful Crypt lord who is without a doubt the single most respected and worshipped thing in a true Dark Elf's life.

The Crypt lord is by all accounts a being of immense magic, he is a mass tangle of various souls and daemons that have smashed and melded into each other over millennia, falling into corpse and bone creating a mass of energy and magic creating this dark and all knowing being.

They Honour their Lord in many of their phases and greets, Onu Haas Shundo (walk in his shadow) Is popular to say to another Elf or a friend when leaving or finishing documents and talks: also there is Hunn Un Zen (or Shadow Cloak Upon you or Dark souls watch you) this is mainly used for greetings to other Elves although it has been used for interracial bond members out of respect.

Throughout the Dark Elven city of Zuul Fortem the hierarchy is formed to suit the Crypt lord himself with his direct leaders being the biszare Crypt Keepers Elves of unmatched blessing by the Dark lord who themselves have become a collection of souls and dark boons that then turn into fearsome and wise council members to the Dark Elven people: these keepers are usually dispatched with large troops or settlements of Elves to insure a strong connection to the Crypt Lord and his guidence.

Below the Keepers are the Haalum Zel (or Holy Circle) they are the main mage group or guild within Dark Elven society and often take on young potential mages as under studies to hone there skills before taking the place of their teacher, their collective leader is called the Zulonz ( High-Seer) who governs the rest in the guidance who gets through the Lord and his Keepers

With the Keepers acting as barons or lords, and the Haalum Zel as the council and administrators they order the basic and elite foot soldiers known collectively as the Death Watch: though not a lethal huge army the Deathwatch only attack in defence and primarily to secure or recover locations and items of interest to the crypt Lord.

Within the Deathwatch there is a scout ranger sect called the Dark Wardens and all though they belong to the Deathwatch army they have far more power to themselves as they often are placed in major cities and guilds to spy and monitor activity as well as being deadly archers and fast scouts in battle.

Magic is the very reason the Dark Elves of old left their tree top homes following dark whispers, the magic that is most powerful and rawest is void magic, this mana is the backbone of all magic in Stalgath and used at a pure and raw form can prove to be more devastating and effective than other magic's. This is however good but in turn it can bring a quick tormented death if used in novice hands and is the main reason it's practice is frowned upon or even banned in many cities and lands.

The Void is more a place than a source as magic seeps up through the cracks in the earth and flows from the very bowls of the earth causing all sorts of magic related problems and oddities hidden underground: with this magic many other types of it the dark arts came such: Blood magic is commonly used magic in the settlements and lands of the Orcs by shamans as a battle enhancer or curse rituals, however it didn't begin there and was first practised by Dark Elves just as other darker magic's came to be known.

Blood magic itself focuses on the flow of life in all things and so to call it blood magic is naive, one master of the art could in turn boil the blood of a enemie and then enrage his allies to finish of the squad, greater knowledge of it allows detection of living things as well as control over the caster's body to reach near impossible feats such as cold weather resistance and increased lung capacity.

One main thing to understand and learn about Dark Elves is that even unbathed ones ( a Dark Elven term for those born outside of Zuul Fortem) all share a common bond with any Dark Elf they meet, with this strong kinship to each other the Elves are distrustful of any other races: but If one was to earn the respect and trust of a Dark Elf they would have it until death and.... beyond.

These mysterious Elves still remain a secretive and select race and only time with tell what other skeletons are in their closet.
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Dark Elves-Race Lore
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