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 Will I ever recover?

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PostSubject: Will I ever recover?   Sat Mar 09, 2013 3:32 am

It's been months, lost at sea on a deserted island and I run low on food. Never knowing when someone will pick me up and take me away off of this small island... The wilderness haunts me every day and night. Never do I know or how long I've been on here. Every time a ship passes by, I can never get them to notice me. I have gone mad, my food stocks go so low I am forced to eat rats and other things I wish not to say.

Another day has pass, no ship or sign or anything has been seen. My head craves for land that is big and wide... I miss my family, I wish that I could just fly away... But alas, I am stuck. My papa and mama will believe I arrived at Stalgath but no... I was kicked off the damn ship because of that damn captain! It was not me who killed his brother, it was that damned Enivia. I see visions in the fire at night, I see a man and a dwarf walking through forests. Then a great fowl beasts bestows above them and slaughters them both...I believe the rats me feel unjust in the head. No choice but wild rats that give me sickness and fever. I will recover... My axe is rusted from the blood, I should had stayed at the old lands. Better being drafted then moving across the damn sea to an unknown land!

I've been speaking to my self...Wait no... It's just in my head, or am I? I don't know, I take a wolf up for a companion. I talk to it but it just looks at me. It looks at me with those big blue eyes... Those eyes drive me crazy, they look as if they stare into my soul and see me as another body to eat. But alas the wolf hasn't... The next day I kill the wolf for meat. Ashamed as I was, I made his death swift. First the head to be roasted, then the rest.

More days past, I am almost out of writing utensils... If anyone finds this, please... Find help. I am lost at sea, I am sick and I believe these shames the island put on me will never let me recover... I send this message through a bottle in the sea.

Tharice Frost
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Will I ever recover?
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