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PostSubject: Server History   Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:33 am

When the Gods fell the Realm trembled, its protectors had been lost and with them went the balance of the Realm. The people's prayers were left unanswered, their sacrifices untouched, and their voices unheard. They hoped for something to happen, any sliver of the Gods but they were only met with disappointment.
Once the magic of the Realm had left it became chaotic. The peasants rioted and caused the nobles to retreat to their castles. They wanted someone to blame for their misfortune. They went after the people who ruled over them, they thought things would be better in a society full of peasants. But after keeping the nobles locked up they realized that they needed the guidance, they could not plan for the winter months or govern the towns without the nobles. They stopped their rioting and released the nobles, just in time for the start of the Lost Years.
The Lost Years refer to the time after the Gods fell and before the Elementals were created. At first nothing serious happened, just some strange weather. When the sky turned to black the people grew worried. A combination of hail, rain, and snow poured down for months, it didn't matter where, jungle, taiga, even deserts were hit with this storm. When the skies cleared the season changed to winter even though the season was spring not a month before.
Winter lasted for at least a whole year, more like two years. No one was prepared for the rapid season change so the food supplies ran low which caused a famine. Bakers were selling bread for no less than fifty parons. The peasants began to starve and fought over scraps. Food was never much of a problem for the Orcs, they simply ate their slaves. They did not fare so well in the cold though, many Orcs froze during the winter. The winter began to pass, lakes began to thaw, farmers started replanting their crops, and the many diseases that struck began to fade away.
Once winter passed the seasons returned to normal, however the weather was still very strange. The ground shook for days, animals broke out of their pens, mines caved in, entire houses crumbled like a piece of bread. The people thought the world was collapsing, but soon enough the shaking ended just like the winter.
When the people thought all hope was lost they noticed that the sky began to brighten. They saw something that no one has been able to describe, many say they simply can't remember while others claim it was too magnificent for words to describe. They claim to have witnessed the creation of the Elementals. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Darkness, and Luminance. These beings restored the Realm, not quite to what it was but something where people did not have to live in constant fear.
The Fire Elemental is said to be a great dragon made of fire and lava. There have been tales of this dragon emerging from caves. They claim that when the dragon comes out of the cave he turns into a man, there is no evidence of this except a small pile of red ashes he leaves upon the ground. It is said that these ashes bring good luck and prosperity to anyone who owns them. They are sought after for temples to the Fire Elemental.
The Water Elemental is believed to be either weaker or stronger than the Fire Elemental. In stories and legends the Water Elemental could never disguise himself fully, he ended up being a blue human. Over the years several people have claimed to follow this mysterious blue man into a cave. They said that he jumped into the water and several minutes later they saw a giant serpent swimming through the cavern.
The Earth Elemental is said to be a mountain that came to life. It is said that there is a well on top of this mountain and that when a certain object is thrown in the Earth Elemental will awaken and reveal the location of his treasure.
The Wind Elemental is the trickiest of the Elementals. There has only been one reported sighting of him. The sighting was by an old beggar who died the very next day. This beggar claimed that he saw a beast faster than anything he had ever seen before, he said when it stood before him it was at least ten feet tall and constantly moved. He couldn't make out it's features because it moved, but he said that is had white skin.
Those are the four common Elementals. These next two are often unknown by the commonfolk or just disregarded as myths. Most mages and scholars agree that they exist though. These two Elementals are called Darkness and Luminance. Darkness is thought to guide the lost souls to the void and is sometimes referred to as death. Most mages agree on that, but what Luminance does has always been argued over. Healers claim that he heals the sick, general Mages claim that he provides the life force to the land, commonfolk who study some of the ancient texts say that he brings the sun up, and scholars say that he breathes life into newborn children.
These Elementals brought balance to the Realm. But after a time it was obvious that they could not control their powers. The weather became strange again, the summers were hot enough to boil water, rain poured for weeks, the winds were so strong the blew houses over, but the Elementals realized this quickly.
They knew they had to stop it but weren't sure how. They got together and thought of ideas, finally they decided to lock their some of their power away. At first they were going to lock it into a large vault, but they were worried that someone would open it an take the power for themselves. They decided to infuse their power into books, they are now known as the Tomes of the Elementals.
They scattered these books all across the land. The locations are still not known to this day. The Tomes came up from time to time, the mages would always try to get their hands on one. But so far they don't even have one, the stories say that the Elementals each made two Tomes. Though tales have been told of false tomes, or perhaps even more than the twelve.
The inhabitants of the Realm adopted these Elementals as their gods. Things were not as they were with the three true gods, these Elementals did not answer prayers nor take offerings. They do seem to respond to rituals, only slightly though, you may not even notice they have responded and more often than not they do not.
Over the years these Elementals have been sighted several times. The Fire and Water Elemental would be the most frequent, they are seen nearly every decade. One guard claims to have caught the Water Elemental once, he said he brought him to the dungeon, locked him up for trespassing. Not an hour later he was gone and there was a puddle of water on the floor with a pendant that had a mysterious blue stone in it.
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