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 Through the Eyes of a Necromancer- Luciean's Chronicles VOLUME ll

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PostSubject: Through the Eyes of a Necromancer- Luciean's Chronicles VOLUME ll   Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:36 pm

A sharp wind gust shot its way past. Luciean's cloak wavered in the wind and his hood opened slightly, revealing a young face. One of interest, not of obedience; but not easily disearned from one another. Mortanius stand there- his eyes staring into Lucieans. Luciean could tell Mortanius was reading him, for signs of trust. Luciean laxed the tension in his back to give a more calm appearance, and glanced over to the gates of a town. Mortanius looked towards the gates as well.
"Castellum Prima. Your new home. The barracks are or'e yonder past the gates to your left. I expect great things from a magi as yourself, and I am most interested to see what the capabilities of a Necromancer are. We are in need of an Alchemy lab and Enchanting workshop, constructed of cut stone and oak. You can handle this I presume?" Mortanius spoke in a very formal manner.

"It shall be done." Luciean replied in a slightly gruff voice. As if by magic, Luciean and Luster vanished without a sight- melded into the shadows and near invisible by their veil.
Mortanius silently thought to himself; "Theres something about him...I'm not sure...."

The wind currents raised and with it, Luster soared through the sky- her eyes like headlights in the darkness. Luciean had named her Luster from the mysterious way her feathers and eyes reflected moonlight- like a lunar beam on a cut of obsidian; the feathers seemed to emit a pale glow. Finding the barracks, he chose a single room near the center, and unpacked his heavy load. Not long after settling in, Luciean wandered back out into the town's darkness and traversed down a path outside of the walls. A farm broke the horizon and a distant void. Luciean focused into the abyss seeing a torch lit at the entrance of the mouth of the cave. Suddenly in a black flare- he appear- stepping down into the throat of the dank cave. Water dripped from the ceiling, the sound of distant bat chirping echoed through the caves many black cooridors, and the occasional turantula clung to the cheeks of the wall, nesting. Luciean eyeballed his surroundings until he found a shadowed path. Luster landed on his shoulder and looked around herself. Luciean raised his hand, and he uttered an incantation. Light gathered from around him and a mystical orb of light manifested within the palm of his hand. Grasping it like a sphere, he fastened it into the skull on his staff and it shone bright like a torch. Lighting his way, Luciean began a descent. Distant sounds of groaning and shrieking began to replace the innocent chirping of bats. Luster ruffled her feathers.

"I agree. Its far too dangerous to go alone. Guess we won't be alone then." Luciean said, as if he was reassuring the bird.
His hand moved out in front of him, and a ring of black magic began to swhirl. Luciean took a bone from his satchel and began to chant.

"From dust you rise to serve me once more. From bone you rise- I shall open the door."

A black shroud appeared and it created a small cloak. Within the cloak lay a skeleton- reanimated with a red glow in its eye. Frost withered around its bony fingertips and a dirk lay in a sheathe at the pelvisbone. The skeleton marched defensively in front of Luciean and conjured a light of its own. A zombie rose from the corner, blood dripping from the moldy corners of its mouth, and a half-eaten dead mangled rabbit lay at its feet. The skeleton raised its hand forth and a chilling gust of frost magic etched from its hand, and knocked the zombie on its back. Crystaline ice formed in spikes, impaling the zombie in several places, including its skull. Luciean continued his voyage down. Only minutes later, suddenly the bones of the skeleton crumbled to pieces and withered to dust. Luciean looked down at the remains and closed his eyes. "Thankyou friend. May you rise to defend me another day." Upon the dust of the fallen skeleton, lay a black stone. Luciean stared at it, then smiled.

"Perfect. Its just what we needed Luster. Obsidian." Luciean chuckled satisfied at the find.

He removed a large folded sack from his satchel and opened it, breaking up bits of the obsidian with a pickaxe, he managed to collect half a bag full.

,On his way back to the surface, a sparkle etched on the wall caught his view. A tirqouise blue sparkle. Diamond. But it was out in the open, and suspicious. Ignoring his own suspicion, he broke away at the ore revealing beautiful crystals of diamond- only to be greeted by an arrow smashing into the wall beside him. Three skeleton archers riding spiders had set the diamond trap- and he triggered it.

The spiders rode forward towards Luciean, and in a panic, Luciean phased behind them in time, to chant a freeze wall spell to stop them from getting to him momentarily. Luciean began to frantically jump, and climb up the passages back near the surface, but arrows soon followed, one grazing him in the arm. He took his own blood into his hands, and squeezed. A shadowy aura hit the ground and moments later, a skeletal warrior rose from it, armored in archaic stone plates with a large heavy stone blade and shield. Fending off the spiderjockeys, Luciean backed away, lending the warrior all the aid he could from behind, powering it up with dark incantations, and sapping life force from the spiderjockeys to rejuvinate the warrior, but to no avail. Only one of the riders fell to the beast before it crumbled defeated. Mortanius watched in the background, ready to go in to help Luciean if necessary, but he wanted to see if Luciean was formidable in battle or not. After his warrior fell, Luciean began trying to incant a basic fire spell, to ward off the spiders and cause them to become agitated and mayhaps turn on their riders, but to no avail. The skeletons simply fired at Luciean again and again as he jumped, and rolled, and dodged to the side again and again and again. Finally both skeletons reached back to find an empty quiver of arrows and began to retreat. Luciean, however had different plans. As they rode to the entrance, they were blocked by the icewall spell. Luciean powered up and fired basic magic projectiles at them, in hopes of dealing enough damage to at least incapacitate them. As his magical energies dwindled however, one rider still stood, spider down, but coming straight for luciean. In one final struggle, Luster swooped down and distracted the final skeleton, until Luciean could grab his staff and smash the skeleton's head in. Falling to one knee, Luciean gasped for breath, nearly wiped out, and being ripped from the inside by spider venom. He reached for a potion in his satchel to alleviate the intoxication, but as his hands wrapped around the flask's cork, he collapsed, the flask with the antidote smashing in the process.

Mortanius rushed forward, picking Luciean up and carrying him frantically back to the camp. But will he make it in time, before the spider's venom takes its toll, and Luciean's life?

To be continued.
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Posts : 5
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Eyes of a Necromancer- Luciean's Chronicles VOLUME ll   Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:37 pm

Not as long as the last one, but I'm going on vacation so I wont be on in a while, so I thought I might as well post something before going
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Through the Eyes of a Necromancer- Luciean's Chronicles VOLUME ll
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