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 superdemonpanda's whitelist application

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PostSubject: superdemonpanda's whitelist application   superdemonpanda's whitelist application I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 19, 2013 6:00 pm

Out Of Character Information
IGN: superdemonpanda

How did you find us?: I was perusing Google when I came across a Minecraft Forum thread with a link to this site.

Name: Noah

Age: 14.8 years old.

Why do you want to join VenomMC?: I absolutely love roleplaying and I can't get enough of it. It's really hard to find good, small-ish severs, but this looks perfect thus far!

RP experience: Sadly, this is only the third MC RP server I've been interested in. The first two were small and weren't whitelisted.

Code: Kittens! Very Happy

Describe your skin, or post a link to it: I'm currently 'wearing' an elf skin from my last RP, but I can't seem to find a link (I created it myself, and I don't think I uploaded it to the Skindex or anything). If I get accepted into VenomMC, I'll create a dwarf skin before going online.

Are you familiar with the server lore and rules?: Yes.

Do you understand that you must use the ticket system instead of asking in chat?: Yes.

Desired Class: Mage

Desired Race: Frost Dwarf

In your own words describe the following:
Meta-gaming: Using knowledge or skills your character wouldn't posses. For instance, someone in OOC talking about their hidden base, and then going there are raiding it when your character would have no knowledge of it in the RP.

Power-Gaming: Disregarding RP aspects to get rich or kill. For instance, having a character with no weaknesses, emotions, or downfalls.

In Character Information

1) What is your full name?: I do not know yet; I can't find any posts saying what different clans there are, and I'd want my name and surname to be accurate.

2) Where were you born/ raised?: I was born into a respectable Dwarven family and was enrolled in a magical academy as soon as I could walk.

3) Were you popular as a child? Explain why or why not. I kept to myself as a lad, spending my time studying magic and lore and exploring ancient caverns whilst invisible. (Many of these caverns were not meant for a young dwarf to explore. However, I wasn't one to always follow the rules. I was never branded a troublemaker, though; I never got caught. Even at an early age, I knew many things most Dwarves didn't about the earth.)

4) Describe five aspects of each of your parents.
My Father: 1. He was a respectable member of the Tower Seats. 2. He had blue eyes as a boy, but later on they turned gold for some reason. 3. He took great pride in his pristine white, long, braided beard, even more so than most Dwarves. 4. He was never very good at magic (thus why he enrolled me in the academy so young) and preferred to fight with axes and machinery. 5. He disappeared shortly after my enrollment in the academy, some say he got bored of the political life and decided to become a pirate. He was so old, though, that I think he just went for a walk in the caverns and fell down an ancient staircase and broke his skull. Who knows.
My Mother: 1. Unlike my father, she was very good with magic. 2. She taught at the academy, part of the reason I was allowed in so young. 3. She was known for her great beauty, even in old age. 4. She always had a mysterious heir to her that kind of gave me the creeps, however most of the time she was a lovely mother. 5. She died of grief shortly after my father disappeared. By then I was old enough to be living on my own, so I was in no way an orphan.

5) Do you have any siblings? What are their names, how many are there, and what are your views about them? I have no siblings, and probably for the best. I always liked being by my self, however I was (and still am) friendly and social when with others, I just prefer being alone with my books and scrolls.

6) Do you have any work experience? Describe. My mother died around the same time I finished my schooling, and honestly I spent more time in the caverns than at home, so I just found a nice abandoned place and stashed some food, fuel, and scrolls and continued what I'd been doing my entire life: learning magic, and discovering secrets.

7) How do you spend your spare time? I spend my time either exploring the ground, reading lore, learning new magic, or (every so often) leaving the caverns to talk to other Dwarves, learn what's going on. The Dwarves live under the ground, and I live under the Dwarves; if I didn't go up every once in a while, I would surely be isolated.

(8 seems to have disappeared... oh well, I'll include it when I repost this stuff and go into more detail in my character application)

9) Are you allergic to anything? Not that I'm aware of. Although, all I really eat are rodents and mushrooms; I don't have much to choose from.

10) Are you a light or a heavy drinker? What type of drunkard are you? I'm a Dwafrf; of course I drink! However, unlike most Dwarves, I dislike getting drunk, and prefer wine over mead. I would rather drink with an Elf than a Dwarf.

11) Have you committed any crimes? Details, please. Well, as I mentioned, I have a knack for reading things and going places I'm not supposed to, mostly sneaking into libraries and reading forbidden scrolls, exploring forbidden dungeons, seeking out forbidden magic, that sort of thing. I'm proud to say, I've never been caught.

12) Would you rather...
Live in a deep unknown cave? [X]
make use of the desert cacti to build a home? [ ]

13) Any piercings, tattoos, scars or birthmarks/moles? Describe. My eyes are a nice blue, and I've always hoped they'll turn gold like my fathers, but I'm doubtful; I'm already an adult, whereas his turned as a boy. I have no distinguishing scars or tattoos, although my skin is slightly paler than most Dwarves, a result of my time spent happily in dark isolation.

14) Do people consider you to be a...
muscley brute? [ ]
particularly agile person? [X] (for a Dwarf, of course)

15) How do animals act around you? (are they terrified, friendly, aggressive etc..) I often observe cave rats, bats, snakes, lizards, spiders, scorpions, and other cave-dwellers, and it is of their nature to avoid detection. I have to say, the rats have sure gotten used to me, though; actually have to hit 'em to get 'em out of my mushroom stew!

16) If you are lost in a forest, what do you do? Dig out a shelter and observe my surroundings. I see no rush to get back; there are things to learn and animals to observe here.

17) What do you prefer?
A hot climate [ ]
A cold climate [X] (of course; I'm a frost Dwarf)

18) What condition are your teeth in? ( Do you have.. cavities, a golden tooth, or perfectly straight teeth?) My teeth are in great condition; I rarely smoke and don't drink too much, so my teeth are nice and white and without cavities.

19) Do you have any facial hair? Describe it. I have a long, white beard that I keep in tight braids. It's still not nearly as great as my fathers, though.

20) Are you able to sleep during the day? Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper? Do you drool, sleeptalk, snore, sleepwalk, have nightmares or dreams? I am a very light sleeper, and honestly I prefer to not sleep at all, when I can help it. I often stay up for days on end (hard to tell the difference between day and night when you're deep underground.) reading scrolls and practicing magic.

21)Describe your diet. (example: Vegetarian) I eat various mushroom stews that I make from mushrooms I grow myself. I also often catch cave rats and lizards to add some meat to my diet. I drink fresh water from underground springs, but if I come towards the surface I've been known to have a bottle of wine or two; just enough to get a little tipsy, but never drunk.

22)Describe your hands. (dirt under the nails, weather-worn etc.) My nails are well trimmed, and my hands are well callused not from work, but from flipping through pages and writing with quill and ink for countless hours, often days, on end.

23)Have you ever been sent to the dungeons? Never. Although, as a boy I used to snoop around them every once and a while, taunting the prisoners with stones tossed by an invisible hand and such. Looking back, it was all foolish. Now I only break rules for the sake of my curiosity (which is, I might add, fairly often.)

24) Are there any particular monsters you despise or would like to fight? Explain. I usually just go invisible and observe monsters rather than fighting, which for the most part bores me. I find cave spiders kind of cute, actually, although I'd never admit it.

25) What would you say is your greatest fault? My curiosity. As a lad I've done stupid stunts such as jumping from great heights to see if I could fly, resulting in broken legs and arms (Dwarven bones are sturdy and hard to break, but not impossible), and I've often almost died from getting myself in situations I couldn't handle. If there's something I want to investigate, I'll do it, no matter how risky. Despite how wise I am from so many hours of study, I am still a foolish child when it comes to taking risks to satisfy my curiosity.

27) What are your goals? (Building a town, becoming rich, seeking knowledge, etc.) My only goal is to learn more, more, more, whatever the cost.

28) What advice would you say to someone seeking advice? Read about it, ask others who've experienced it, and if you still can't figure out what it is you're looking for, try it yourself. Experience is the best way to learn.

29) What is your favorite thing to do? Sit back in front of the fire and read lore.

30) Have you ever written a book? I've never written 'a book', however I record all of my findings in various journals for my own reference.

31) What do you think of marriage? I've always been content being alone, and even as a teen I was never that horny. Exploring a cave was much more tantalizing than sex, and ancient scrolls proved better company than a spouse. I'm not opposed to it, and I've played with the thought a bit, but it's definitely not a priority.
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Character sheet
Character Name: People call him "Varg"
Town: He walks until he feels tired

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PostSubject: Re: superdemonpanda's whitelist application   superdemonpanda's whitelist application I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2013 9:19 am

I nice tidy and reasonable app, you need to mod passes i am your first so well done!

I'd just like to add some information regarding Frost dwarves. They are a sub race and very similar to Dark Elves in a magical and religious way both races living as outcasts constantly searching for void magic and its various wells or products.

As a Dwarf though you can channel magic being able to be a mage but are far more suited to resisting it due to Frost Dwarves getting into enchanting and spending far more time in magic auras, not to mention if any magical alignment is present it would be frost or ice magic due to your habitat and its in the name really...

If you could keep that in mind with your character and possible use it to you advantage in rp a more in depth and fantasy styled race.

If you have any questions about the dwarves or anything else on your mind don't hesitated to pm me or post a question.
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Posts : 131
Join date : 2013-01-08
Location : England, UK

Character sheet
Character Name: People call him "Varg"
Town: He walks until he feels tired

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PostSubject: Re: superdemonpanda's whitelist application   superdemonpanda's whitelist application I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2013 9:22 am


please complete a RP profile to become to whitelisted as well!
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PostSubject: Re: superdemonpanda's whitelist application   superdemonpanda's whitelist application I_icon_minitime

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superdemonpanda's whitelist application
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