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 The Town Of Easthedge -Lore-

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The Town Of Easthedge -Lore- Empty
PostSubject: The Town Of Easthedge -Lore-   The Town Of Easthedge -Lore- I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 20, 2013 1:49 pm

Once a man named Cassius and a Group of his hunting Clan the Priscus's were wandering around the woods hunting pig and cow alike,
When night fell they decided to set up a small hut so they could sleep and go back out in the morning, When they awoke they all gathered around in the small hut and decided to make a small village out of this area because it was good hunting grounds, when they started on the wall all looked good but when night fell many orcs came out of caves from the local mountains and attacked them,
They lost one person that night, so they vowed that they would kill the orcs and build up the village for there dead man,
On the third night the orcs came out and down the hill where the hunters were waiting with all bows pointed at a different orc then just as the orcs reached the small wooden walls a barrage of arrows hit their heads killing most instantly but others continued on they quickly shot them down and had a great feast over there success, The village grew until it had a population of 15 (npc's) hunter's and 8 women.

Now the village continues to grow and thrive from the forest but people still watch that cave some of the people saw they heard screams from cows and saw big fat blobs amerge from the caves.
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The Town Of Easthedge -Lore-
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