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 the application of Hero_of_Mythra,also know as Hero.

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PostSubject: the application of Hero_of_Mythra,also know as Hero.   Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:03 am

How did you find us?:Browsing the Minecraft forum for a Roleplay server,and this looked Interesting.
Name(Optional):Real Life?No
Age(Optional, please remember that we go by maturity rather than number.):Im Very Mature for my IRL age,which i'm not specifying.
Why do you want to join VenomMC?:Ive been looking for a good roleplay server,and well,most servers with it's own forum are Good.
RP experience, if you have experience with minecraft please post a link to your application on that server. For example, say you used to play on Roleplaycraft post the link to your application:I Frequent the Forum Roleplaying section on the minecraft forums.
Code(Found in tutorials section):Kittens!
Describe your skin, or post a link to
Planet minecraft,The Ranger,By Wastlander7
Are you familiar with the server lore and rules?:Yes
Do you understand that you must use the ticket system instead of asking in chat?:
Desired Class:Rouge
Desired Race:Human
In your own words describe the following:
Meta-gaming:When people use OOC information to aid their character IC.Example:Theres a secret raid Happening that your character shouldn't know about,but does.
In Character Information
You require an approved roleplaying profile before you are whitelisted, post a link to it here or if you have not written it do so and post a link below:

1) What is your full name (middle name included)Mark Jason Aetherstone
2) Where were you born/ raised?In a faraway land,Know as Mythra
3) Were you popular as a child? Explain why or why not.Mark was a loner,often beating up the kids who annoyed him
4) Describe five aspects of each of your parents.They both had Blue eyes and Dirty Blonde hair.his father was foolhardy and brave,
5) Do you have any siblings? What are their names, how many are there, and what are your views about them?
6) Do you have any work experience? Describe.Mark has been an assassin mercenary for two years now,killing for the highest payer.
7) How do you spend your spare time?Mark doesn't do much in his spare time.He could read the files on his former targets or police profiles of him,normally never accurate,due to the hood he wears.
Would you run or fight in a battle? What are the causes?Mark only fights if he has the upper hand.He is no match for most people in Head-on combat,so he turns to stealth and Strategy.
9) Are you allergic to anything?Mark is allergic to Potatoes,though not when they're baked.
10) Are you a light or a heavy drinker? What type of drunkard are you?Mark rarely drinks,and when he does,only lightly,as he needs to keep a clear head.
11) Have you committed any crimes? Details, please.He's an assassin,of course he's committed crimes.
12) Would you rather...
Live in a deep unknown cave? [X]
make use of the desert cacti to build a home? [ ]
13) Any piercings, tattoos, scars or birthmarks/moles? Describe.None that he knows of.
14) Do people consider you to be a...
muscly brute? [ ]
particularly agile person? [X]
15) How do animals act around you? (are they terrified, friendly, aggressive etc..)animals a either friendly or neutral around Mark.He may be an assassin,but he would only hurt an animal for food.
16) If you are lost in a forest, what do you do?
17) What do you prefer?
A hot climate [ ]
A cold climate [X]
18) What condition are your teeth in? ( Do you have.. cavities, a golden tooth, or perfectly straight teeth?)Marks teeth are Near-Perfect, except for one that's Chipped from him joining a Brawl.
19) Do you have any facial hair? Describe it.Nope.He keeps himself Clean-Shaven.
20) Are you able to sleep during the day? Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper? Do you drool, sleeptalk, snore, sleepwalk, have nightmares or dreams?
Mark is a Very light sleeper.He needs to be alert at all times,and awoken at the slightest provocation.Even though,he has very vivid dreams and nightmares.He does not snore or sleepwalk,though he occasionally sleeptalks.
21)Describe your diet. (example: Vegetarian)He is fine with with most foods,Though he prefers vegetables,fruits,and Bakery products, except for potatoes.which,as mentioned,he's allergic to.
22)Describe your hands. (dirt under the nails, weather-worn etc.)Marks hands are normally clean,except after a messy job,where they are bloody.
23)Have you ever been sent to the dungeons?No,he was never caught.
24) Are there any particular monsters you despise or would like to fight? Explain.
He would love to get his hands on whoever murdered his parents.
25) What would you say is your greatest fault?His strategy isn't Perfect,He might miss a vital piece of information,or make a terrible mistake.He also has a Fragile frame,and as of Such never wears more than leather armor unless he has to.
27) What are your goals? (Building a town, becoming rich, seeking knowledge, etc.)His two main goals are to kill his parents murderer and to become the most successful assassin in the land.
28) What advice would you say to someone seeking advice?Kill whoever's causing you the trouble.If cant kill it,break it,if you cant break it,destroy it.If you can't destroy it,I can't help you.
29) What is your favorite thing to do?Mark has always had a Fondness for Horseback(or Pigback)Riding.
30) Have you ever written a book?He kept a journal that was stolen from him,but other than that,no.
31) What do you think of marriage?He would love to marry if he loved the woman and it wouldn't interfere with his work.
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Character sheet
Character Name: People call him "Varg"
Town: He walks until he feels tired

PostSubject: Re: the application of Hero_of_Mythra,also know as Hero.   Thu Apr 04, 2013 2:53 pm

A rather decent app, I'd like to say their is no police when you mentioned police reports so remember its medieval city guard sorta policing.

You are rping a assassin, a tough guy, and his parents have been murdered...
I do not mind what you are and where you've come from. Just make sure you can rp this rather "badass" character effectively without ruining him or the rp.

Pass. I shall check your profile and if it's fine then you can be whitelisted!
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PostSubject: Re: the application of Hero_of_Mythra,also know as Hero.   Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:41 pm

Welcome to the server! You may come on whenever you'd like.
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PostSubject: Re: the application of Hero_of_Mythra,also know as Hero.   

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the application of Hero_of_Mythra,also know as Hero.
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