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 Borsuk BattleBlood

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Posts : 3
Join date : 2013-04-08

Character sheet
Character Name: Borsuk Battleblood
Town: Currently Woodshire

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PostSubject: Borsuk BattleBlood   Borsuk BattleBlood I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 2:58 pm

Out Of Character Information
How did you find us?:
Name(Optional): Zack
Age(Optional, please remember that we go by maturity rather than number.): 21
Why do you want to join VenomMC?: I enjoy RP, having an extensive background in it. Your server looks well put together and after reading a large amount of the whitelist apps I look forward to RPing with the other applicants.
RP experience: 10 years. Includes DMing and playing D&D, WoW RP, LARPing, text based forum RP, and minecraft RP. I have moderated and admin'd on many servers.
Code(Found in tutorials section): Kittens
Describe your skin(must fit your character): Typical Orc, Distended jaw and small tusk like teeth. Green skin.
Are you familiar with the server lore and rules?: Yes I am.
Do you understand that you must use the ticket system instead of asking in chat?: Understood, and respect for using that system.
Desired Class: Paladin
Desired Race: Orc

In your own words describe the following:

Meta-gaming: Using out of character knowledge to effect the reactions of your character whom would have no knowledge of the information found out of character.

Power-Gaming: Being a god in all aspects because you say so.

In Character Information
Please note that it is optional to complete a role-playing profile, posted in the proper RP Profile forum and must answer all of the questions below. Or you can complete to questions below. It's up to you.

1) What is your full name (middle name included) Borsuk Skadir BattleBlood

2) Where were you born/ raised? Born within a tribe of orcs, raised by a sect of paladins with 'unique' views.

3) Were you popular as a child? Explain why or why not. No. I was different from the children around me and was seen as a threat to them because I was different.

4) Describe five aspects of each of your parents. I treated the paladins as my parents. Dedicated, Intelligent, Lawful Neutral, Experienced, and Fair.

5) Do you have any siblings? What are their names, how many are there, and what are your views about them? I do not have blood siblings, I was taught withing a group of 9 other human children. They all excluded me from everything which early on caused me great depression but through the teachings of the paladins I learned to forgive them for their reactions. Their names are.

6) Do you have any work experience? Describe. I did small labor around the temple, but spent most of my time studying.

7) How do you spend your spare time? Studying and practicing
Would you run or fight in a battle? What are the causes? I would fight in the battle, but not without some reason to do so. My Orc blood pushes me to involve myself in conflict but my teaching urge me to gain some foothold of justification to cause bloodshed.

9) Are you allergic to anything? Not to my knowledge.

10) Are you a light or a heavy drinker? What type of drunkard are you? I do not partake in drinking unless it is required by social or royal tradition. I drink as much as is required.

11) Have you committed any crimes? Details, please. I have commited small crimes. They happened within my early years, and were mostly brawls and petty theft. I have grown up alot since then.

12) Would you rather...
Live in a deep unknown cave? [ ]
Build a home in the wilderness? [ ]
Join an existing town or community? [ x]

13) Any piercings, tattoos, scars or birthmarks/moles? Describe. I have a large scar running down my back that I got when an arrow was shot at my father and I dove in front of it. ( I was 6 )

14) Do people consider you to be a...
muscley brute? [ x]
particularly agile person? [ ]

15) How do animals act around you? (are they terrified, friendly, aggressive etc..) I get along with wolves, I think it's because they understand me. But I do not own a pet nor have an animal companion.

16) If you are lost in a forest, what do you do? Use my common skills to build a small basic shelter and wait for daylight to find the nearest land mark or road. I would also listen for signs of civilized life such as explosion, commotions, or wood cutting.

17) What do you prefer?
A hot climate [ x]
A cold climate [ ]

18) What condition are your teeth in? ( Do you have.. cavities, a golden tooth, or perfectly straight teeth?) Orc teeth. Some large and fangy, some small and jagged. They are not aligned well.

19) Do you have any facial hair? Describe it. No I do not. It is against my Orders laws.

20) Are you able to sleep during the day? Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper? Do you drool, sleeptalk, snore, sleepwalk, have nightmares or dreams?
Because of my large teeth and muscular face I do tend to snore. I can sleep but I have been taught to sleep lightly, evil may occur at any time.

21)Describe your diet. (example: Vegetarian) Omnivore.

22)Describe your hands. (dirt under the nails, weather-worn etc.) Roughened by practice with a blade. Large fingers from busting knuckles.

23)Have you ever been sent to the dungeons? Yes, real combat was part of my upbringing.

24) Are there any particular monsters you despise or would like to fight? Explain. Fighting is a wonderful thing and brings out the best of my abilities. But I do not wish to pick a target.

25) What would you say is your greatest fault? I have trouble controlling my instinct to battle and conquer.

27) What are your goals? (Building a town, becoming rich, seeking knowledge, etc.) I want to feel needed, and welcomed. I am searching for my place in this world.

28) What advice would you say to someone seeking advice? It would depend on the question. However one of my favorites is: You cannot have life without mistakes, it's what keeps us imperfect.

29) What is your favorite thing to do? Help others and protect the weak.

30) Have you ever written a book? Yes, I left a book behind at the temple for future orcs that I hoped would help them accept and understand the reactions of others and help them to curb their urges for violence.

31) What do you think of marriage? As a paladin, I do not wish to marry. But that doesn't mean it won't happen. Once I separated myself from my Order I chose which rules to continue to follow.

( The questions asked above were so in-depth with the character that it made me want to join the server even more. It seems the administration staff really knows what they are doing. I cannot wait. )
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PostSubject: Re: Borsuk BattleBlood   Borsuk BattleBlood I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 5:52 pm

Amazing job man, I just need your in game name to white-list you, unless it's 7thsin. We would love to have you on the server.
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Posts : 3
Join date : 2013-04-08

Character sheet
Character Name: Borsuk Battleblood
Town: Currently Woodshire

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PostSubject: Re: Borsuk BattleBlood   Borsuk BattleBlood I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 7:01 pm

It is 7thsin. I also can't find the IP. I assumed it would be PM'd if I made the cut. I also did a full RP application in the proper forum.
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Posts : 143
Join date : 2012-12-09

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PostSubject: Re: Borsuk BattleBlood   Borsuk BattleBlood I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 9:32 pm

Welcome to the server! Our first Paladin I believe.
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Character sheet
Character Name: People call him "Varg"
Town: He walks until he feels tired

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PostSubject: Re: Borsuk BattleBlood   Borsuk BattleBlood I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 1:07 pm


I would just like to express the awesomeness of your character. Highly excited to see you on mate!
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PostSubject: Re: Borsuk BattleBlood   Borsuk BattleBlood I_icon_minitime

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Borsuk BattleBlood
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