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 App for Ampremier

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PostSubject: App for Ampremier   App for Ampremier I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 13, 2013 7:01 pm

Out Of Character Information

IGN: ampremier
How did you find us?: Minecraft forums

Name: Mia Mulder

Age: 20

Why do you want to join VenomMC?: I need a place to roleplay on a semi-
regular basis.

RP experience: Several servers before, DnD and a bunch of other table-top RPs

Code: Kittens

Describe your skin: Looks like a female human

Are you familiar with the server lore and rules?: yup

Do you understand that you must use the ticket system instead of asking in
chat?: yup

Desired Class: Cleric

Desired Race: Human, but can change if server population is overly human

In your own words describe the following:

Meta-gaming: Using outside knowledge for the benefit of your character.

Power-Gaming: Playing more for hoarding gold or experience rather than the
roleplaying aspect. i.e Playing for power.

In Character Information
Please note that it is optional to complete a role-playing profile, posted in the proper RP Profile forum and must answer all of the questions below. Or you can complete to questions below. It's up to you.

1) What is your full name: Mary "Elizabeth" Miller

2) Where were you born/ raised? In a small town on the outskirts of civilization.

3) Were you popular as a child? I was somewhat unpopular. I mostly spent my time thinking about elves in the woods or helping my father in the Church.

4) Describe five aspects of each of your parents.
Father: Cleric in the small village, very caring, somewhat racist towards Orcs, very pacifistic but very politically firm.
Mother: Local shopowner, died early in my childhood. Father tells me she was very open-minded and compassionate. Drove my father into religion and the duty of cleric. Had a way with money.

5) Do you have any siblings? No siblings alive. Two brothers died stillborn before I was born. It was a miracle my mother survived.

6) Do you have any work experience? Mostly helping my father in the local Church. Spending the rest of the time looking out for Elvish traders and asking about how bows work and other Elvish things.

7) How do you spend your spare time? Wandering and camping in the forest. Exploring.

Cool Would you run or fight in a battle? What are the causes? Probably run. Not a fighting person and inherited my fathers dislike of violence.

9) Are you allergic to anything? Chicken & other birds. Only to eat though.

10) Are you a light or a heavy drinker? What type of drunkard are you?
Light drinker. Can't hold my ale at all. I become arrogant and a know-it-all. Will become more violent if provoked.

11) Have you committed any crimes? Not at all. I don't like to see myself be a bad person and committing harm or sadness over others.

12) Would you rather...
Live in a deep unknown cave? [ ]
Build a home in the wilderness? [ ]
Join an existing town or community? [X]

13) Any piercings, tattoos, scars or birthmarks/moles? Describe.
Not at all.

14) Do people consider you to be a...
muscley brute? [ ]
particularly agile person? [X]

15) How do animals act around you?
Depends on the animal. Usually calm and relaxed.

16) If you are lost in a forest, what do you do?
Pray within.

17) What do you prefer?
A hot climate [X]
A cold climate [ ]

18) What condition are your teeth in?
Better than most. Could afford good food from donation to the Church.

19) Do you have any facial hair?
I'm a girl so no.

20) Are you able to sleep during the day? Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper? Do you drool, sleeptalk, snore, sleepwalk, have nightmares or dreams?

I almost never have nightmares. Usually sleep very secure. Can sleep for a very long time and at any time of the day. Can sometimes talk in my sleep.

21)Describe your diet.
All eater, with the exception of chicken

22)Describe your hands. (dirt under the nails, weather-worn etc.)
Clean and firm. never really handled much outside of camping in the woods. Clerical work is not hard on the hands.

23)Have you ever been sent to the dungeons?

24) Are there any particular monsters you despise or would like to fight? Explain.
Anything unholy that cannot be saved. Anything evil to the core.

25) What would you say is your greatest fault?
Secretly power-hungry on occasion, but still want to help people. Arrogant, think I can help more people as long as I get what I want.

27) What are your goals? (Building a town, becoming rich, seeking knowledge, etc.) Building a town based on religion, gaining power as a religious figure.

28) What advice would you say to someone seeking advice?
Look to yourself for the greatest power.
Look to friends for the great support.

29) What is your favorite thing to do?
Exploring, working within the Church.

30) Have you ever written a book?
I have, but most lost or stolen. Will re-write in time.

31) What do you think of marriage?
Open to consenting love, will be hesitant of marriage between races.
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PostSubject: Re: App for Ampremier   App for Ampremier I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 13, 2013 8:24 pm

Great job, accepted to member status.
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App for Ampremier
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