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 Pyromancer Information

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PostSubject: Pyromancer Information   Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:24 am

Pyromancer's used to be a branch of the Mage's College. They broke off in favor or more destructive habits. They tend to be less knowledgeable on worldly affairs as they study only flames and how to manipulate them. Their swords are always enchanted with flame abilities, but they can also throw fiery makeshift Molotov bombs for a ranged attack. Their constant dabbling in destructive magic has given them immunity to fire, however water is able to weaken them. If you chose to be a Pyromancer, you might want to invest in an umbrella!

Pyro Blade - Attacks with swords ignite enemies. Ignition duration varies by sword's material. Successful blocks also ignite enemies and reduce incoming damage by 66%.
[Superpower]* When igniting an opponent, the fire spreads to any other enemies near it.

Molotov - Left-clicking while holding blaze powder throws the powder as a molotov, causing a fiery explosion wherever it hits. Fire radius increases with level.

Fire Aura - Immune to lava. Hunger regenerates when on fire. Damaged by water. Hunger degenerates in rain. While in lava all items in inventory gradually lose durability but will not break.

*Superpowers apply only if the player is level 40 or above
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Pyromancer Information
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