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 Ban appeal guidlines

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PostSubject: Ban appeal guidlines   Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:27 pm

Ban appeal guidlines:

First of all, do not insult anyone. It makes you seem immature and childish.

Second, if you have anything that proves your innocence, dont just mention them, post them.

Third, do not make random accusations, again you come across as immature.

Fourth, avoid spelling and gramatical errors, use proper punctuation and use paragraphs if its a longer post.

Fifth, please remember that we have real lives too, or may still be discussion your situation with other moderators or the admins. It may take us two or three days to reply. Poke us after a week or so.

Sixth, if you did something wrong, admit it, and if you can, explain why. You were (Most likely) banned for a reason.

Seventh, we are human, we make mistakes. If you were banned for no reason that you know of, tell us that. Don't accuse a mod of being unfair and egotistical.
If you were bullied or harrassed by a mod, bring screenshots! We cannot do anything without solid proof.

Seventh, If you feel uncomfortable posting this on the forums, feel free to send it via skype.

Last but not least, remember these are guidelines and not rules, it simply makes a better impression.
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Ban appeal guidlines
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