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 Roobug's Character Bio

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Join date : 2013-01-31

Character sheet
Character Name: Julien Roath

PostSubject: Roobug's Character Bio   Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:22 pm

Bio of my charater-
Simple information-
Name~Julien Roath
Age~23 years
Eyes~hazel brown

Childhood- Julien grandmother had raised her from the start,Her parents were soldiers. Protecting the country side from the evil monsters of the night. She lived on a farm,raising cattle and chicken. She spent her days in the farm plots,collecting carrots,wheat,cotton,corn for the family to sale at the market. Julien always had a very mysterious impression at first,rather staying out with the cows instead of playing in the shallow creek with the other children up the road. She was never very social,staying in the house to herself or out far into the feilds. Her grandmother was a sweet lady,always doing her best to support the young Julien, Wheter it was combing her beautifull curly long maroon hair,or telling her tales about the evil Moonblood or a simple love story between a man and a women.

Teenage years-Adult Julien was becoming a women,taking pride in how she looked before she settled out. Making sure she didnt have a spec of dirt,nor dust on her knee long green cloth dress. Her hair had grown,almost fully down her back. 22 years had passed since she was born,She was still the same quiet girl who loved pulling crops out of the moist soil. She had a tall,hourglass shaped figure that was well defined in her clothing. The older she got,the more she wanted to venture away. In the forest,In the town,Wherever she could escape to she would. Her grandmother was catching on to this,worrying about the defenseless young girl. She stoped her one day before Julien could run from the house and go explore. She handed her grand daughter a wooden bow intwined with a dark green sliver of string and a sash that held 20 steel-tipped arrows. "Go ask the man down the street to teach you deary..You need to protection if you are going out in the wild..So many dangers..!" A Quote from grandmother. Julien did so,walking to the man known as Liufer who was the arrowsmith in town. They spoke for hours on end,him teaching her how the bow works aswell how to steady herself,reload arrows at a quick rate and shoot moving objecits..Which was a log tied to a rope which was swinging from an oak tree. They day came,The day she had practiced for so long. The day they could go out and put her skills to the test,shooting an live animal to bring back home. So Julien and Liufer went deep into the wilderness,tracking wild life as they went. "There..He's yours." Liufer said in a low whisper as he stoped,eyeing an small deer as he crouched. Julien nodded,slowly pulling an arrow from her pack on her back and slid it into place in her bow. She exhaled almost silently,her aim moved to the deers chest. Just as it looked she was about to realse,take her first meal down..She froze.. She watched the baby dear slowly move from sight,millions of thoughts running through her head. ..This was some mothers child..A full life to be lived..and I would be ending it.. She lowered her bow with a small sigh as she looked towards Liufer.."I couldnt..I.."She was interrupted by Liufer"I understand dear,let's get back before it's sun-down" Julien nodded as the returned to the farm,displeased with herself she went straight to her bed and laided down,not bothering speaking or eating her dinner.

It is a bit short,but I'm willing to make it longer or fix anything. If you have any questions,please message me.
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Character sheet
Character Name: Rhageth Stellhorn

PostSubject: Approved   Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:42 pm

Your profile looks good, paragraphing would help organization but the information is there and presented in a good format. Now you just need 1 more approval on your application! Good luck.
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Roobug's Character Bio
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