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 A House Divided

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PostSubject: A House Divided   Fri Feb 01, 2013 8:56 pm

Long ago in the town of Gilmer gable there existed two houses of equal merit, House Thosus and house Graye populated the west and east sides of the ancient town; they had ties with farmland, traders and even human royalty.

But the decades between the two houses had broken down quickly, political backstabbing and merchant undercuts sowed the seeds of discord for these noble houses until one faithful day when the lord of the house Thosus, Gregore found witness one of the members of house Graye bribing Thosus loyal merchants.

He beat the corrupt merchants and realise it now had escalated to all out house war, With this in mind Gregore held a family meeting and put forth a proclamation; all Grayes were to be removed from this city once and for all!
As this plan was unfolding, the leader of house Graye Verevan got wind of the new Thosus master plan and devised his own plan, to frame the house with murder and using his newly found political influence he would exile anyone who dared stand under the banner of house Thosus.

Verevan began plotting as he passed around his manor one cold winter night, he needed a victim so brutally murdered whose death would cause so much grief and anger through the people; that the duke would have to act or face public up roar.

After a long and stale night Verevan knew his mark, a young maiden named Pencinline Luca cousin to the duke who was still unmarried and a virgin involved in every court event conducted; she was still new to the town but was fast becoming both the lady of the people but also a political threat to house Graye, Verevan knew his mission…. And began contacting a select group of friends.

House Thosus was in a state of war, with every member now forced to swear a blood oath on their very souls to house Thosus Gregore was taking drastic action to root out traitors and had assembled every merchant, judge, guard and noble in his disposal ordering them to hinder any and all Grayes in the power attempting to starve the Grayes out of their small lead in Gilmer Gable.

Gregore began a massive business purchasing operation stealing and swallowing up all lands within the limitation of his treasury; he had a permanent red mist over his mind, only stopping to eat little and sleep even less. Gregore was getting incredible amounts of letters daily from his newly started businesses and he used his house’s dagger to open his mail…. But it was gone… but his sheath remained; no matter Gregore thought it was time to expand his grip.

Verevan had sent word to his shadowy friends and by the cloudless midnight in the town’s cemetery a representative of the Gloom Blades, the most vindictive and insane group of assassins this side of the east; their contracts had almost trebled over the past few hundred years after the great denounsing and as the aftermath plagued the earth they seemed to cater to even more desperate people than before.

The guilds representative was someone Verevan knew well, and helped to bring the group strong within his influence; it was Verevan own son Lokil and they hugged strongly as they begin to whisper business. Verevan stated his mark and the parameters of the kill handing over a monogramed dagger as he began to finish; this is the blade of house Thosus son…. Use it accordingly a Graye loyal servant “acquired” this for me. His son smiled showing his almost fanglike teeth, the two left as the sun began to rise with Verevan clenching his palm the gold was spent and his blood used to bind the deal.

Gregore was knee deep in maps and papers as he begin shouting for more wine, as he stared at crumpled parchments and decayed charts he began looking for weaknesses in the Graye’s hold on the political side of things, his musing was interrupted by the panting of a courier who supplied Gregore with his daily letters; after a few seconds the delivery boy spat out that he was in the court when a blood-soaked maid had burst in wailing that her mistress was dead faced down in her garden.

The maiden Pencinline Luca had been stabbed repeatedly with a silver knife, the courier paused as Gregore grew more vexed “What else boy!!!” the courier declared the knife born the sign of house Thosus, and the dukes men were on their way to arrest Gregore for charges of murder.

Verevan obviously heard the news first and was sat upon the steps leading to the dukes court, with a disgusting smile on his face he waved as he watch Gregore enter the great pine doors; he had won… the maiden was gone her death even now causing the people to burn with rage uncontrollable, non-reasoning rage… Gregore would hang and his family would be cast out like old bread.

That night Verevan lay in his bed please as a boy in snow, he thought of his grip on the town now that his only true enemy was gone; but as he began to fall asleep he was woken by a chilling sound, wailing was coming from the garden of his manor. He grabbed his sword and ran to the window expecting a Thosus loyalist but saw nothing.

He settled down and was about to turn before he was frozen by the spectre of Pencinline Luca, oozing blood and her eyes a foul milky white, he stuttered and tried to draw his sword… but as his candle blew out, so did his life… the following morning the guards had found the corpse of one Verevan Graye splayed over the coffin of recently buried Pencinline dressed in his night robes he was stabbed over a dozen times and his face was petrified in a ghoulish scream.

The guards found a pile of letters and tactics showing all the plots to kill the maiden with the Thosus dagger, and the conversations between him and the Gloom Blades including him referring to his son; he was ruined in one fell swoop the great house of Graye was brought down by its own patriarch with Gregore released and the Grayes banished from the town’s lands everything seemed to be returning to normal.

The newly vacant properties once owned by Verevan now were being swallowed up by house Thosus, and on the week anniversary of Pencinline’s death, Gregore and his kin along with the duke and everyone who could fit in the cemetery grounds held a vigil; as Gregore began silently thanking his spirit saviour for freeing him and revealing the truth… He opened his eyes and un-bowed his head, his breath grew cold and he saw Pencinline adorned in gold and silk with warm glowing skin glide from over the town’s way and backed into her now flower littered mausoleum.

He just watched.
And smiled.
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A House Divided
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