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 Elves-Race Lore

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PostSubject: Elves-Race Lore   Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:00 pm

Though, originally brought up by The Creator, it is said the true elven race sprang from drops of Pan’s, the god of Nature, Song, and dance, blood that were shed in battle with the dreaded Darceus. These Elves were created like the humans, only much taller, and can last through the ages. Modern Elves reach maturity in about 130 years and live up to 300 years. Most Elves are 6’2-7’4 feet tall, and weigh as much as 320 pounds. With these features, they are very slim, and are an athletic race.

Elves have similar complexions to humans. Wood Elves have typically coppery or pale skinned as the Wild Elves have darker skin color. Elven hair is often dark, either brown or black, with copper, red, or blond hair also found amongst wood elves. Their eyes are commonly brown, hazel, or an emerald green. They also are fair and beautiful, handsome, and have pointed ears. Lastly, Elves have no body hair except eyebrows, eyelashes and the hair on their head.

Elves use endurance and stamina to lead to victory. Living in the trees forces them to have to adapt, be agile, and have huge endurance. Elves need these traits to simply get to their home, which could be on top of a tree 10 stories high. However, Not being as strong as the Humans or Orcs, Elves have invented the bow, which allows them to attack from afar.
As a people, Elves are largely seen as calm and levelheaded. Pissing off an Elf is not something that is easily done, although many do have strong feelings for large cities. To Elves, the trappings of civilization, including the mightiest of fortresses or tallest walls, are impermanent things that will eventually be overcome by the long processes of nature. Meaning the killing of nature, and all that inhabit it, is pointless and cruel.

Elves have a number of abilities that set them apart from other races. Elves are agile, and dexterous creatures. They can also move swiftly through even the roughest terrain. Elves are also more aware of their surroundings than other races, as well as possessing better common sense. This aids elves in many ways, allowing elves both a high degree of perception that they can lend partially to allies. Additionally, elves are extremely accurate in their attacks, having a degree of precision that is unusual for other creatures.

Strangely, Adult Elves do not really sleep, or at least need to sleep. Instead, they use something called the Reverie. This is a meditation period most adult elves put themself in once or twice a day. Instead of sleeping, the body, mind, and soul rejuvenate themselves while in this contemplative state of mind. These meditations usually last from 2 to 8 hours - though most last 3 to 4 hours. As such, if an adult elf does this twice a day - about once every 10 hours of wakefulness they can remain mentally sharp.
During a Reverie, the elf may contemplate happy memories, problems, or future plans, and still remain alert to the area around them. They remain, however, motionless during this time, unless roused by something. Some Humans, Dwarves, and individuals of other races may attain this talent, though usually only after years of discipline.

Elves make strong and uplifting friends. Most elves love simple joys such as dancing, singing, footraces, or contests of skill. Elves find a natural aversion to that which they see as uninteresting tasks and are fun-loving by nature. However, despite how unpleasant some things such as war can be elves can become grimly serious if a threat to their friends, family, or livelihood makes such actions necessary.
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Elves-Race Lore
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