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 The Ghoul Of Gaazuen

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PostSubject: The Ghoul Of Gaazuen   Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:10 am

For time in memorial have dwarves been heralded as the greatest smiths and inventors of all the great races of Stalgath, with their deep seated cities to the mechanical wonders they create with ease.

But one such city will not be remembered for its bronze chested golems, or its warm humming taverns. For the City of Gaazuen will be remembered forever in story for ignorance.

Gaazuen was a smallish Dwarven city nested just inside a mountain near the grasslands, it was a simple and rather normal Dwarven settlement: creating weapons and automatons as well as stone working and armour.

It also traded alot of its produce to the surface where warriors and builders from all around the world would come to cities like Gaazuen to see fine Dwarven craftsmanship. But something was building up in the city, a sense of forbodence and sickly anxiety.

The head crafter within the city was a dwarf named Rungar, often nicknamed "iron fist" for the many drunken brawls he had, he was the best the city had to offer and his position well earned as it was well flexed.

One day however the hardy dwarf sat at his workbench with the many different tunes of metals being shaped in his mind, he wondered of making a automaton so great, so fine in appearances and so complex that the machine would be able to think and act based on its own rational thinking.

This idea troubled Rungar as he couldn't shake the joy of just undertaking it, one day however he gathered all the smiths, masons, carpenters and artisans he could muster and persuaded them into the grand project he had envisioned: it would be called the Aften Rungaaren or flesh of Rungar.

So they team set to work,but first mused how to create the most complex logic engine ever assembled, they though about a robotic pin device? too big to fit: a enchantment? possible but not enough to cover the whole thing... then it hit Rungar like a arrow, a brain like a Dwarf to think like a Dwarf.. a real.. living... brain.

The team seemed quiet disgusted at first to the idea, but Rungar calmed them of the magnitude of honour and glory if this could be pulled off never mind the cost. So the team set about to create this machine hiring mages in secret to begin simple enchantments to allow a brain to survive and give it will over the soon to be enchanted runes placed in pieces of metal and wire.

Weeks of enchantments had finally readied the machine for the brain, and as the mages had being occupied and the Dwarven craftsmen had been making and building up the metal beast, Rungar had been away finding a "candidate": He didn't say where the brain was acquired from but they all knew he left the city to get it... to be frank I dont think anyone wanted to truly know where he had found it.

So while the rest of the city slept the group of mages and Dwarves watched eerily as Rungar clambered up to fit the brain into place, being ever so careful to rest it into the tank of foul smelling watery goo and rest the base in the designed hole easily clamping it into place.

He finished and lifted up and hinged the beautifully polished and scribed bronze war mask, with these words etched around the top section "Uunluv Opragg Furluon Yaan Razeen, Gaazuen Runagaaren Aften" unending ordered fire with you rise, Flesh born Rungar of Gaazuen.

And there it stood, the silver, gold, obsidian and copper jewelled metallic beast towered over the team of a huge 20 feet high, with a joining of two thick brass arms to a strong forged chest finally resting on two stout legs all decorated with dwarven fashions and symbols of glory.

The had built it, now would it work?
The team then began over the next few weeks to train and get a response from the machine, with the mages on site helping with the task they soon had responses of twitches, and movement.

It was not until a few weeks in that the sanded training grounds of which the titan stood had rung out in a metallic tune, the golem had moved just a few feet with its leg only to drop and smash to the ground. The team laughed, for the falling didn't damage the colossal machine but they just had signs of life.

The days got better and better, the golem began responding to orders moving arms or legs and beginning to walk and manoeuvred easily in a matter of days practice, the team felt good about it all until live training happened...

Rungar at this point felt pleased, he decided to bring in a cow for testing to see if the golem could kill it. the cow quiet sadly sat in the arena as Rungar ordered the golem to kill it, in a quick and shiny show of strength the machine walked over to the ant of a opponent and vertically punched the cow and five metres around it into the sand of the training grounds, as he calmly lifted its silver fist upward it left a deep crater as bits of offal and beef dripped and dropped from its knuckles.

Rungar was in awe, his creation and vision had become real, but he wanted one more test, he had "Procured" an Orchish warrior from the surface and had promised release if he fought a Golem of his choosing.

The Orc didn't expect the metal clad titan that was Aften Rungaaren in the ring, yet again Rungar ordered his pet to kill the Orc but... told it to pull him into separate hunks of meat: as he willed it the machine obeyed it though slightly less forward this time, with hesitation. He walked up to the Orc who was now attempting to kick the entrance gate down, but was picked up by the machine as he held the Orc in his grasp.

The machine with no concept of strength broke the Orc's rib cage in a matter of seconds in his grip which pierced his heart and lungs like a boar with arrows, the Golem gazing closely at the limp lifeless creature began moving to hold the Orc in both hands as he violently and sharply tugged the Orc in two different directions, soaking half the arena in blood and throwing the two severed pieces either side of the arena crashing into walls and seats in such a force it killed a few of the spectating dwarves.

Rungar laughed with joy at its potential, but the team was mortified, the mages felt the enchantments were more active after the act of killing the Orc as the brain began to learn and reason from the event.

After that day's horrid events the Golem's arms were still soaked in blood but it had dried and began thickening, the team dismissed this a clotted sand wanting to clean it off but Rungar denied the request as he felt it look like progress that filth, the team continued its repairs and checks of the machinery: but as one dwarf was checking the leg joints the Golem moved the dwarf away and stood on him bursting him like a week old blister.

The Golem was stood there with his bronze mask playing with the entrails of the now deceased dwarf until Rungar and a few mages saw it doing so, this had to stop, the team believed that the machine had clearly become to uncontrollable and needed to be stopped: but Rungar was furious he declared all the work gone into this and the glory it would bring to the city and to the Dwarves would be lost if the stopped now... his speeches wouldn't save him this time, they left him and the silent beast alone in the work pits.

Rungar stared at the machine as the blood blots on it's arms grew bigger and bigger by the hour until they were long roots of flesh like material stretching down to its chest as well. Rungar became worried and with the though of his creation being destroyed he clambered up to its head to check the connections and wires, but as he unhinged the mask and lowered it he let out a piecing scream: for the brain was now poisoned and rotting in the tank, the tank itself was black by hue as pieces of flesh and blood swilled with its contents.

Panting furiously, Rungar moved down and tried to run form the Golem as it shifted into motion and taking idle steps out sped Rungar, it picked him up like its master had taught it to and stared at it, the brain now swaying and wriggling as it eyed at Rungar through the still open face hatch, watching as its fleshy roots began to stretch further into the workings of the machine with pus and bile dripping from its open holes Rungar was being crushed: just as the Orc had been but just as Rungar felt life leave him. The Titan smashed him into the cold stone floor and smeared the left overs on its chest plate turning direction towards the main city area...

They say that the smoke from Gaazuen's entrance raised out for months on end, but it was soon broken down and caved in by a unknown band of builders. the other Dwarven cities and councils claim the place is a myth and just make belief, and not in their records or maps... but there is one thing that is defiantly true.

If you stand near the supposed entrance now little more than grassed over ruins, entering one of the many caves that riddle the place, you can smell a sweet scent of rotting flesh. and can even hear the grinding of blood rusted machinery.

Pacing around the now dead city of Gaazuen.
The Only child of the foolish Dwarf Rungar.
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Posts : 131
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Character Name: People call him "Varg"
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PostSubject: Re: The Ghoul Of Gaazuen   Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:46 pm

Hope you guys enjoy the story, but I'd like to thank Damn for the basis of the tale.
Hope I captured what you were thinking of with the tale mate!
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The Ghoul Of Gaazuen
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