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 Littlwef's, Emajen's, and akaRuski's profile (Stanis, Murdok, Elrich) Part 1

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PostSubject: Littlwef's, Emajen's, and akaRuski's profile (Stanis, Murdok, Elrich) Part 1   Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:32 am

In the crisp air on a cold winter night OakThorn, a harbor town where refugees were not uncommon. In the old, creaky manor of the "OakThorn Orphanage" Where unwanted children were often sent. There, where three young boys sound asleep. This is where our story begins of the boys and their journey throughout the land. At first there was only two boys who lived in the dorm, their names were Elrich who was the oldest of the bunch, and not to mention a dwarf, and the second was Stanis who preferred the company of a book than to many other people. They both got along as two boys at that age did. Not too long after a third boy was brought to the orphanage and was bunked with Elrich and Stanis, his name is Murdok who youngest of the bunch only by a few years below Stanis. As years went by the boys grew up as if they were brothers and nothing could stand between them. One night, close to when Elrich would reach adulthood and leave the orphanage a low bellowing "Boom" came from the sea and then
silence ... soon after a large crashing sound and a small shake of the land, the once quiet night of OakThorn turned into a battle field. As pirate raiders were bombarding the once sturdy walls of OakThorn, the refugees were in a panic as the raiders started to scale the walls with large siege weapons. After the first explosion Murdok awoke only to see Elrich still awake and Stanis sleeping as if nothing has happened. With an understanding glance from both of them, Murdok took two big strides to Stanis and shook him until he was awake. Elrich started gathering some of their belongings only the things that they would need. Stanis was still in a dreamlike stupor as he was being pulled down the hallway to the front door. As they exited another big blast shook the city and all they saw were flames, they knew they had to get out. OakThorn, when it wasn't being sieged by pirates was relatively a safe place to stay, there would be guards patrolling the streets, the gates were closed at night, and there wasn't
many wars that OakThorn had seen. As trying to figure a way out of the city the town guard told the denizen of OakThorn to withdraw into the keep in the event that the walls were breached (which they would be) that all of the people could have a chance to be safe. The "brothers" didn't like being backed into a corner but they decided they had no other choice, as the city was surrounded. Once inside the keep the assault seemed muffled behind stone walls but were still audible. The guard shouted with a sound of fear in his voice but loud enough for everyone to hear over the blasts from outside, "Everyone stay in the Great Hall, you will be safe here. Do not leave the keep or out of the eyes of the guards." Out of the "brothers" Murdok was the one who snuck into the shadows past the guard to scout ahead through the castle, which he then went back and lead Stanis and Elrich through the doors. Murdok leading the way all while dodging the guards who were running too and from the barracks and all around the castle which seemed in a mad panic. Throughout all the chaos Stanis noticed that two of the guards running were less frantic but still showed a sense of urgency, it was then that Stanis
spotted the Duchess of OakThorn "Lady Polegra" along with three more guards. "It's the Duchess and her royal guard!" said Stanis as loud as he could whisper. Then Stanis announced his presence as not to startle the guards but to alert them that they are not the enemy. Stanis, being relatively knowledgeable in the formalities of nobility asked the guards and the Duchess if the Duchess was harmed and also querying if they had an escape plan. With a little more persuading the guard agrees to bring the three brothers along. The group was lead through many back ways of the castle until they reached the dungeon where the royal guard said there was a safe passage out of the city. They all finally made it to the spot where the entrance was and made their way out of OakThorn to the countryside, which seemed to be safe,... for the moment.
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PostSubject: Approved   Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:44 am

Good story, can't wait to read more!
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Leo Oberon


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PostSubject: re:Leo Oberon's begging    Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:55 am

Does that mean I can get on the server now?
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Leo Oberon


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PostSubject: Ermmm.....   Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:57 am

Erm.......wrong topic sorry XD
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PostSubject: Re: Littlwef's, Emajen's, and akaRuski's profile (Stanis, Murdok, Elrich) Part 1   

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Littlwef's, Emajen's, and akaRuski's profile (Stanis, Murdok, Elrich) Part 1
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