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    Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:10 pm
    Message by ACP5ONeill - Thief code
    Thieves must NEVER under any surcomstances reveille the location of the guild to anyone.
    Thieves must show their worth by stealing a worthy item and donate it to the guild.
    Thieves must pay a weekly donation to the guild and signing their name to the donation.
    Thieves never should steal from someone who has lower living standards than their own. (Meaning if they have a small grass house or is a simple noob, don't steal from them.)
    Thieves must obey the guild leader.
    Thieves should show up to all the guild meetings.(meetings will be posted in guild hall, there also won't be manny and be posted a week before hand)
    If in trouble, the thief must not return to the guild hall. We will find other means of protection, but if you return to the guild hall you will be removed from the guild.
    Thieves must never steal from anouther guild member.
    In time of need, other members must open their doors to protect fellow members.
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