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 Emotion RP

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PostSubject: Emotion RP   Emotion RP I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2013 12:56 am

On Venom you aren't required to RP very much, but that is what you came here to do. So in this tutorial I will be covering some extra things you can do to have fun and become a better roleplayer. These types of roleplaying aren't easy to enforce, so that is why we decided to let you control what you do with them.

Fear RP:
Fear RP is simply RPing fear, not all of us can be Hercules. Some common times to rp this would be during a scary event, being mugged, anything where your character would feel fear. If you feel fear yourself that would also be a good indicator.

Pain RP:
Getting stabbed hurts, make it show! After a fight, whether it be mob or player you can always RP patching up your wounds. Maybe walk a little funny the next day, or if you decide to fully rp a fight you can rp pain during the fight.

Emotion RP:
Your character has feelings too! When you RP emotions it keeps you in touch with your character and gives not only you, but the people around you a better idea of who they are. It also makes for good RP. Code: Kittens. To do this you really have to get in character and think about what your character would be feeling and express it.
I suggest that you do all of these to improve your experience, of course you don't have to and if you do you aren't stuck with it. But using these styles of roleplaying can enhance your experience and the experience of those around you.
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Emotion RP
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