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 Frost Dwarves- Race Lore

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PostSubject: Frost Dwarves- Race Lore   Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:15 pm

Frost Dwarves are Dwarves that have moved to the snowy regions of the world and have adapted to survive there, their eyes are usually a very light blue, their hair is generally white. They tend to go to the surface less than other Dwarves

Name: Frost Dwarves
Average Height: Typical Dwarven Height
Weight: Higher then Average Weights of Typical Dwarves
Hair Color: Grey or White
Eye Color: Blue to Light Blue, Rarely Golden
[X] A Love of the Cold
[X] None are Nomadic, however Frost Dwarves sometimes strike out on their own and become sea captains. A few are famous pirates.
[X] Lose Caste System, easy to move up in rank, but easy to lose as well, must prove useful to the kingdom or will quickly fall out of power.
[X] Known to have beautifully crafted cities.
[X] Disdain for Elemental fire, prefer the dark.
[X] Are unrivaled alchemists and magisters of the dark arts, not uncommon for them to be skilled in either trade.
Preferred Climates:
[X] Mountain
[X] Taiga
[X] Tundra
Lore: Frost Dwarves namesake references to testament of their preference to the cold and their pale skin. Frost Dwarves often build deep into the earth, deeper then even normal Dwarves, their home city-state houses secrets of cold magics. They are often called the "Stone Hearts" because they been known to be harsher,fiercer and more aggressive then most Dwarves, and have access to a Void well, which can only be described as harboring the gate to an essence of pure cold.
Summary Note: Frost Dwarves have a deep preference for the cold, leading to them also enjoying lives on the ocean. Their lose caste system allows for easy shifts in people and resources though at the cost of government's efficiency, and their cities are among the best in the world, they have a aversion to the magic elemental fire, and prefer the dark. They are unrivaled in alchemy and are well versed in void magic, within their capital their being a university to teach such practice, and it is not at all uncommon for them to have some skill in one of the practices.
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Frost Dwarves- Race Lore
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