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 Leo Benedict Gaunt Story.

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PostSubject: Leo Benedict Gaunt Story.   Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:41 am

The Story of Leo Benedict Gaunt is a tale of great triumph and sadness. Leo was born into a high born family in the Land of Khand. Is father was the Kings greatest and most trusted archer and military advisor. At a young age his father taught him everything there was to know about shooting the bow. How to control the distances and angles to hold the bow at to get the proper trajectory for his shots. He was taught how to shot and kill his target in one shot. It was grueling work and study under his father’s strict guidance. His father also taught him how to craft the finest bows in the land that only the elite archers would use in the land. This also helped him better his knowledge of the bow which would become his weapon of choice. While his father was out with the king con questing for more land and settling uprisings throughout the land Leo would be hard at work crafting bows, reading stories of past military victories and defeat so he could understand the art of war. At the age of 14 Leo was entered the army as an archer. His father wanted him to find his own way and showed him no favoritism. He was to earn his rite of passage up to the ranks that his father had attained. He quickly showed his skill with a bow and understanding of how to keep people safe in battle and in defense of cities being on the wall with the other men. He earned the respect of all his superiors and quickly rose in the ranks. At the young age of 16 Leo had achieved what his father had been training him for his whole life a spot in the elite squad of archers who were called upon at the king’s notice in battle. Under his father’s command he quickly learned more of the art of war that his father had kept from him and soon would surpass even his father as the greatest archer ever. During this time he befriended the king’s son and was soon named by the king as his son’s royal archer to shoot in his name in tournaments and be his counsel and protector in the field of battle. At the age of 23 Leo soon was told that half of the more experience archers were part of a task force that was sent to rid the western lands of a dragon that had been plaguing the lands. This was the turning factor is his life. His father under the command of the king ventured out with the most experienced archers while Leo was left to defend the royal family and the king’s son who was left to rule the kingdom in his father’s absence. The king’s party found the dragon’s lair and waited until the dragon left it to get him out in the open area. The king’s party was immediately in a fight for their lives. Leo’s father sacrificed his life in an epic fight to keep the dragon at bay while the rest of the survivors were forced to retreat and bring back more men for the fight. He father was slain to defend the king and the land that he loved. Upon the kings gloomily return Leo was summoned and told of his father’s heroic last stand to defend the last remaining survivors. Leo vowed to take to the woods and track the dragon to his lair and destroy him once in for all. So Leo took with him a party of thirty men and tracked the dragon to his lair. Leo then took the fight to the dragon and was forced to dive roll and shoot on the move to bring the dragon down. On one of these dives Leo found the remains of this father and with his bow badly damaged from the fight with the dragon he picked up his father’s bow. Which was the said to be the strongest most accurate bow ever made fired his last remaining arrow in his quiver at the dragon as the dragon was opening in mouth and trying to burn him Leo’s arrow hit his target and slayed the dragon. In honor of his father Leo had his party skin the dragon and brought its head back to the king. The king had the skin of the dragon turned into a set of armor for the Leo to wear in honor of his victory and was named head of the Archers where he remains to this day as the kings son’s most loyal and trusted council and defender of the realm.
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PostSubject: Re: Leo Benedict Gaunt Story.   Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:05 am

erm.... it was okay, but a bit of a crock of unrealistic badassery.
I'd like to know if this land your grew up in is adjacent to Stalgath? is it across the seas form it? you are going to be in Stalgath once you are whitleisted so how are you in Stalgath, why did you come here etc?

Overall acceptable but please remeber this is more how you character will act in Stalgath and go about inside it's borders. Yours right now remain strange as technically you have said you stillcurrently reside in your home lands.... so how will you be whitelisted and pop up in Stalgath?
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PostSubject: Re: Leo Benedict Gaunt Story.   Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:20 pm

It would appear that i have left the last pat of my story out... about me going on my journey alone to find my own way in Stalgath. I grew up across the sea.
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PostSubject: Re: Leo Benedict Gaunt Story.   

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Leo Benedict Gaunt Story.
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