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 Orcs-Race Lore

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PostSubject: Orcs-Race Lore   Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:10 pm

The Orcs are a primitive and warlike race. They believe in proving themselves through battle and war.
Their entire culture is focused on the glory of battle and the joy of killing. Those who can not fight, can not live.

Orc's are nomadic, moving from place to place so they do not over hunt or over raid an area. Their tents are mostly made out of leather supported by a bit of wood. Bones and small trophies decorate the inside and outside, showing the prowess of the warriors who live within. The woman spend more time tending the camp, cooking and other chores while the men go out and raid. A camp is always built up in a circle, the least respected on the outside and the most respected on the inside. Orcs prefer warm, or hot climates, however they can live almost anywhere.

Every tribe has one shaman, the shaman is responsible for cursing their enemies, blessing their warriors and sending the dead to the eternal battlefield.
There are two leaders in each tribe, The war leader, he leads the warriors to battle, and fights alongside them. Usually he is the strongest and largest, though not always. The camp leader is in charge of the camp and discipline among the tribe. She is also responsible for the acquisition and distribution of supplies.

When orcs die, they believe that they go to the Eternal Battlefield, a place where an unending war is raged. While they are alive, the do not worry about religion or gods.

A male orc stands between 180cm (six feet) to 210cm (7feet) High. They weigh between 80kg
(176 lbs) and 120kg (264 lbs). While females tend to be somewhat smaller. Most orcs have green skin. However some have very dark, almost black skin. Their hair and eyes can range anywhere from green to brown.

When an Orc child become of age to become a warrior, it and its father go out alone to rob and kill whomever they encounter. When they return the child becomes a warrior.
Orcs have no true traditions, they are a very young race, and they do not live long either.

A strict code of honor is held within a tribe, they respect each other and (try) not to kill each other. On the battlefield a different code is enforced, they conduct themselves with honor, and will not torture or humiliate a fallen warrior. People who can not or will not fight however are fair game. Most crime, theft, rape, murder etc are unheard of in Orcs, and will punish any outsider who commits these crimes. Orcs will go out of their way to punish a thief or rapist.

Many Orcs have a somewhat shortsighted view of other races, the consider humans to be dirt-grubbers (rude word for farmers). Elves are tree huggers. Dwarves are little rock-rats
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Orcs-Race Lore
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