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 Leo Oberon's beginning (Re Done!)

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Leo Oberon


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PostSubject: Leo Oberon's beginning (Re Done!)   Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:14 pm

On a cold winter night where the wind could cut trough you like a dagger a mother lied dead,and a child born into the new world.Leo was born that day his father became depressed the day of the birth.Years passed as Leo's father and two brothers blamed the death of there mother on him.Leo did the chores and the cooking.He slept in the basement where the spiders and the mice where his only friends.Leo did not know what he did wrong for he was too young to realize.As Leo grew so did his desire to see the outside world.On his birthday that he became 15,knowing that no one would be up because his family did not care about his birthday he ran to the Lord and Lady of Dragon Stone.

Leo tried his best to sneak past the guards but he was soon caught.The guard picked up Leo by the neck and slammed him against the wall.The guard was tall and muscular and he had jet black hair.He spoke with anger,"Elf.Who do you think you are trying to get to Lord Karatag and Lady Alice?Tell me!"
"I.....I wish to speak with them s...sir." Leo choked abit from being help by his neck.
"Is that so?Then I will take them your head if you want!" The guard pulled Leo back and smashed him on the wall again.
"P...p...please s...sir.Just let me spe--." Leo began to gasp for air.
"Aww.That's cute you're about to die." The guard griped his neck even more.
"Lancel!Let the boy down!" Lady Alice spoke coming around the corner.
"As you with my grace." Lancel threw Leo to the ground.Leo fell to his knees taking in deep breaths.Alice ran over to Leo helping him,"Are you okay elvish boy?" Alice spoke with worry then she motioned for Lancel to leave.
"Yes, thank you so much my grace I am in your debt." Leo's voice was shaky and rough.
"Wait you are from the Oberon family are you not?" Alice questioned.Leo stared at her in surprise and nodded slowly.

Leo mumbled his words,"Yes,I am part of that dreadful family.Why,do you wish to hang me for being part of the worst family in DragonStone?" Leo stared at the ground.Alice spoke with regret,"I am sorry for speaking of it.I just wanted to let you know I was there when you where born.I know its your birthday....Leo."
"And?No one cares that it is anyways." Leo spoke with anger.
"Well....if you would like I could get you one thing you heart truly desires." Alice spoke with a smile.
"I wish to be a royal guard ,and to be away from my evil family." Leo did not hesitate when he spoke.
"I will talk to Lord Karatag.Come with me Leo." Alice offered a hand to help him up.Leo stood following Alice to the royal chambers.

Karatag looked at Leo then to Alice who sat next to him.Karatag sent a hard slap to Alice's face.Alice gets hit and she begins to cry.Karatag yelled at her,"Are you stupid women?!How dare you bring a elf here!GUARDS!!!"
Guards begin to flood the room and circle Leo.Leo yelled at Karatag enraged at his actions and swift judgement,"Are you stupid?!Some kind of Lord are ya?Hitting women and making swift judgment on others!What is your deal?!" Leo is picked up and put on a guards shoulder.
"Send him to the dungeon." Karatag said as he motioned for them to leave.

The guard threw Leo into the dungeon with a great force causing him to hit his head and pass out."Psst!Hey elf." A prisoner whispered to him across on the other side of the wall.Leo awoke and looked to him rubbing his head,"What do you want?" Leo whispered back."You have been out for a whole day I thought you where dead.But beside that I am going to get you out.I child never needs to be here." The prisoner spoke quietly.Leo looked at him with wonder on his face.
"I am going to call for a guard.You are going to see if he has a key.If he does cough three times.Then I will push him from my bars to yours.While he is on your side you will grab the keys and unlock the door.While he is beating me you will sneak out.Got it?" The prisoner smiled as he spoke to Leo.Leo questioned him,"What about you.Don't you want to leave to?"
The prisoner smiled at him and spoke,"No,there is nothing out there for me anymore I have been here for so long I am too weak to do anything but still have a chance." He stared Leo in the eye and smiled lightly.

"T...thank you sir." Leo spoke as a tear ran down his eye.
"Ready for this boy?" The man said.Leo nodded.The man yelled,"GUARDS!GUARDS!COME QUICK!" Then a single guard walked to the man's cell shouting,"Shut your mouth before I come in there and beat you!"
Leo coughed seeing that he had a key and almost instantly the man pushed the guard at Leo's cell.Leo grabbed the guards key swiftly and unlocked the cell slowly while the man was beat.The man nodded at Leo and Leo nodded back in thank you.

Leo ran from the guards he was spotted shortly after escaping.He ran and ran then he ended up at the edge of the castle wall.All that was between him and freedom where the unforgiving waves of the ocean.Leo looked to the guards that where gaining fast and shouted,"The man's sacrifice of helping me shall not go in vain!" Leo then jumped into the ocean and sinking under water not coming back up.The guards looked at the ocean with shock and assumed he was dead.....or was he?

((Thanks for reading.More will come soon.I put a lot of time in this I hope you liked it!))

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PostSubject: Approved   Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:53 am

Much better, thanks for editing it. Accepted, I'll whitelist you now and send you the IP.
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Leo Oberon's beginning (Re Done!)
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